Love Original Cootie Booties! I want them particularly on airplanes. Airline socks are great but what protects your feed from moisture? The truth is: Anywhere there are cooties I want my Booties.
I also used them for a treatment for dry feet. I put them on after moisturizing my feet. Sit back and relax and let the moisturizer soak in.


New York City

These are AMAZING!! They protect from nasty germs and are very convenient to use. At airports they slip on and off easier than socks. They cover the entire foot so no sagging. I’ve worn them for Pilates workouts and never had “sweaty” feet.  A perfect gift for anyone’s feet. Cootie Booties are a MUST!!! S. Moore

San Diego

I do a good bit of travel, generic viagra sovaldi sale for both business and pleasure and now have a new best friend, see Original Cootie Booties. The package is easy to throw in my carry bag and the booties are so handy in places that are not as clean as I’m accustomed to, drugstore like airports, airplanes, hotel rooms and hotel showers! Cootie Booties are now a staple on my packing list!!


San Diego

Original Cootie Bootie is a fabulous product that delivers “cootie” free results! I am a business executive who travels around the U.S. and I do not leave my house without my Original Cootie Booties. I have found this product to be affordable, comfortable, and easy to pack!  I use them in airports, gyms, hotels, or where ever I want to be free of bacteria on my feet. There is no product like it on the market that compares to “Cootie Booties”!  I highly recommend that you purchase this product and keep a small supply in your carry-on so you too can be free of bacteria that can lead to health problems.   No more cooties for me!  Thank you for such a wonderful product! Doreen C

San Diego

I Love Cootie Booties! I admit to being a “germaphobe” and they saved me while going through security on a recent trip to Florida.  I have used them in my class walking around the room that is filled with “cooties” on the floor!

Sharon S., Yoga Instructor

Long Island, New York