What are Cootie Bootie made of?

Cootie Bootie is made of the same puncture-proof and impermeable material as surgical gloves.  Right now, viagra buy sickness they are made of latex, sildenafil but within a very short time, they will be manufactured in nitrile.

How does this material prevent germs?

Both latex and nitrile protect the wearer because they are resistant to punctures and abrasions and provide a barrier to prevent skin exposure.

Why can't I wear socks or paper booties?

Socks and paper booties don’t offer the protection of Cootie Bootie.  For instance, if you stepped in some unknown fluid, both socks and paper would get wet and your feet would be exposed to that liquid.

Are Cootie Booties washable?

Cootie Bootie are intended to be disposable.  We do not like the idea of bringing the germs home with us.  Take a look at the bottoms of a Cootie Bootie the next time you wear them.  It is much better to toss them.

Do Cootie Bootie come in kids' sizes?

We have had so many requests for Cootie Bootie for kids that we are on the way to designing them for the little ones.  We are thinking of calling them IttyBittyBootie.

Where can Cootie Bootie be purchased?

You can buy them right here on our website click here. If you live in San Diego or plan to be there, they are available at Hudson Group stores in the San Diego International Airport and at Madison Suite at the Flower Hill Mall in Del Mar. More to come…