A Surgical Glove for the Foot!

At the Airport

At the Airport

You are at risk for infection from warts, viagra sale check fungal toenails, levitra athlete’s foot, viagra bacterial and viral diseases including MRSA, an antibioitic resistant member of the staph family.

Cootie Booties in Fitting Rooms

In Fitting Rooms

Wondering how much nicer that dress would look on you if you weren’t wearing those ugly gym socks?  You could pick up bacteria or spread it yourself in the changing room.

Cooties Booties at Home

At Home

Parenting Magazine says 85% of germs in our home are carried in on our shoes.  Walking on streets, public restrooms and restaurants bring in infection-causing bacteria.

Cootie Booties in the Gym and Spa

At Gyms & Spas

Never walk with bare feet on gym floors including showers, locker rooms and pool decks.  Your feet are a highly vulnerable entry point for nasty bacterial infection.

Cooties Booties at the Hotel

At the Hotel

Housekeeping may dust and vacuum, but most hotels only do deep cleaning 4 times a year.  Inspections have revealed traces of urine in areas where people step into bed.

Cootie Booties in Your Baby Nursery

In Your Baby's Nursery

Your baby spends lots of time crawling and playing on the floor. Clean floors are important! Don’t bring the remnants of garbage, feces and bacteria into your baby’s room.